Curated/directed by Ieva Miseviciute & Michael Portnoy
Produced by de Appel arts Centre, Amsterdam and hosted by Frascati WG.
Nov. 13 & 14, 2010

Primal Virtuosos, Vague Mime, Lunging Non-Moments, That Whole Active/Passive Thing, Sickening Cognitive and Contextual Shifts, and People Who Look Like Boxes standing next to People Who Look Like Tables!

Alligators! is an evening long performance programme inspired by early forms of popular entertainment ranging from Japanese Kyōgen, and 19th Century British extravaganzas, to Italian avanspettacolo.

Contributions by featured artists Christian Jankowski (DE), Erkka Nissinen (FIN), Karen Røise Kielland (NOR/NL), Miet Warlop (BE) and Reggie Watts (US) with a program of directed interludes and inversions.

Juggling the notions of materiality and production, the whole show functioned as an alchemical factory producing a ‘reptangle’ that was on display from 16 November to 28 November at de Appel Boys’ School.

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