GOING (2022)
20 min

Directed by Michael Portnoy

Cast: Courtney Pauroso, Reggie Watts, Tina Preston, Kathleen Taylor, Kira Nova, Michael Portnoy

Executive Producer: Luis Reyes
Creative Producer: Shayne Eastin
Producer: MeeRa Kim
Director of Photography: Aaron Nardi
Music: Stefan Maier

Commsioned by V-A-C Foundation

An avant-slapstick edu-thriller starring a cast of absurdist physical comedians. During a house party which we never see, seven people visit the bathroom one by one. Whether they come there to escape a bad interaction, to empty their bladder, to moisturize, to vandalize, to scrub their tongue, or to open the floodgates of their heart, the bathroom serves as a portal for where their minds and bodies need to go.

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