Script Opposition in Late-Model Carrot Jokes, 2011
Objectif Exhibitions
Antwerp, Belgium

Carrot Jokes are a genre of jokes first proposed by cognitive linguists Chlopicki and Petray (1981) to undermine then emerging computational models of humor analysis. These jokes, further developed by others in the field, depend on a preponderance of background incongruities, blunt omissions, faulty script switch-triggers, “gray” implicature, and missing links in inferencing.

Continuing Portnoy’s interest in experimental humour, Script Opposition... introduces the public to this specific genre of jokes through a series of wall-based works, a performance during the opening and a limited edition 50 pp. book.

A button on each frame triggers a 2-3 min. audio recording of Portnoy telling or discussing each carrot joke.
(See video below to hear one of the audio recordings.)

Press: Sofia Hernandez Chong Cuy, Noological Mudslides, After Berkeley, Objectif Exhibitions, 2010-2012, Sternberg Press, 2012

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