The K Sound
The Kitchen, NY, 2006

An epic, operatic stand-up routine delivered by a Professor of Comedy about a group of exiled kitchens in 13th C Wales.

The K Sound consists of a series of experimental jokes about a mythical community, which are enacted by members of a large and diverse cast of performers that includes dancers, actors, non-performers, and singers, as well as a wide range of performance styles that range from micro-choreography to behavioral movement. Told through a series of tightly choreographed and alternately humorous, mysterious and disturbing scenes, each based on a particular joke, The K Sound explores the poetic possibilities of the joke and addresses broad cultural assumptions, stereotypes, and prejudices embedded in a joke’s content and structure.

Concept and Direction by Michael Portnoy
Choreography by Michael Portnoy in collaboration with the company
Score by Pete Drungle
Performed by David Adamo, Willa Carroll, Jan Chlopicki, Walter Gambín, General Judd, Yuka Kawazu, John King, Tuan Michael, Sarah Michelson, Johnnie Moore, Chethwith Murosian, Natasha Papadopoulou, Damon Patric, Megan Phillipp, Michael Portnoy, Elisa Santiago, and Jeremy Wade.
Text from manuscripts discovered in the mines of Llanymynech Hill, and by Dilwyn Gwilt, Robat Cadwalader and Olwydd Breese, and from oral tales and various other sources.
Set by Robert Melee
Dramaturgy by Jan Chlopicki
Lighting by Joe Levasseur
Inspector of Possibilities: Chethwith Murosian
Costume Design by Angela of ThreeAsFour
Make-up by Maura McThrill
Hair by Livio Angileri
Video documentation by The Kitchen and Theodore Fivel